Leader’s Story

To begin with, I started singing when I was 12 at the church choir. I was fortunate to get an opportunity to join the members of DRC (Dinash, Ranuka and Chandu). This was an orchestra band and we played unplugged music. Till 2008, we performed in many TV programmes. In addition, we released our original tracks as well and two of them – “Monalisa” and “Sondurunimnaya”, became very popular and they emerged as sensational hits. Afterwards, in 2008 we stopped DRC. That’s when I, along with 7 other members of DRC, continued performing as a band. Initially, we named our band as “Creators”. However, a year later, we renamed the band as C Plus.

We primarily play both English and Sinhala pop music. Moreover we also enjoy playing Jazz, Rock, Sinhala Classical as well as Sinhala Baila…

On top of that, we have also played at Indian themed weddings in Sri Lanka and we have been able to perform several popular Indian music, too!

As a band, we are always there to support our valuable costumers. We cater to their requirements. When it comes to selecting songs, we send a common list of songs for each and every couple who select our band. The list contains a mix of English and Sinhala songs and we also provide them with an option to request any type of song that the couple prefer to be played at their Big Day. If the wedding consists of a traditional ceremony, we use violin, flute, tabla, classical guitars & percussion. On the other hand, if the wedding is modern we use the same instruments to play contemporary music but without the tabla. And, when the day moves towards to the dancing gala, we will make sure everyone hits the dance floor and have fun to their hearts’ content, without time limits.

Our standard packages are set up for weddings in Colombo and it varies according to the distance that we need to travel from Colombo to the wedding venue. On a further note, our packages are also determined by the type of wedding venue the couple have chosen. If it is an outdoor wedding, our packages may be a tad higher than indoor weddings. When we are booked for a wedding, we provide a detailed quotation after considering the date, time and venue of the wedding.